Alloces is a Demon which seems to have metal parts. He is the shopkeeper of Faustus Shop. Many of Alloces's appendages are covered or even entirely replaced with metal parts. His arms are entirely made of metal with sharpened claws in it's hands, and his neck is covered with metal rings as well, and he wears a metallic gas mask which resembles that of a plague doctor. His entire belly is also indeed robotic, as he can extend his body with metal springs, and behind him is a large gear. It is confirmed that Alloces suffers from a lung condition, hence the gas mask, and he also suffers from Haphephobia, or the fear of being touched.

Personality Edit

Alloces is strict. And demanding at times. Though he is very simple, he is easily angered when things go wrong. Sometimes even having to take it upon himself to do things.

Abilites & Powers: Edit

Strength: Ally's metallic appendages provide great strength. He can easily lift up Charlotte with one hand.