Charlotte Liddel is one of the main protagonists of Pickled Punks. She is a short 10 year old girl, which has noticeably blue hair, and pale skin. She mysteriously has spiked teeth with a tooth gap. It has also been confirmed that she is not a human. Charlotte is strange, and has a morbid hobby of collecting preserved human specimens or, Pickled Punks, and is often seen carrying her pickled dead sister, Isobelle in a jar. She works part-time as the shop assistant for the town's shady shopkeeper, Ally.

Personality: Edit

Charlotte is first seen as an isolated girl. Living alone in a poor house with her dead sister Isobelle. Charlotte is loyal to Alloces, the shopkeeper. She is very loyal to her peers and very motivated to prove herself, even though she is very reckless and forgetful.

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